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The art of close-ups in film

Close-ups can be terrible or amazing depending on where are using them. I see it used numerous times in TV and movies, but they are used so literally that the context is completely lost. The best use that I have seen so far in TV is the show Hannibal where food is transformed to lustfully […]

How graphic design worked before computers

It makes me stressed to see how much work it used to be in order to create a layout. So much has changed that even the client has a different perspective on what expectations are. They still did photo corrections for blemishes and other facial anomalies so people can’t say this is a new thing.

8 DIY Smartphone Photography Tips

Some really great ideas on how to add some flare to your smartphone pics. I’ve used the sun glasses trick many times and you can get some cool filter like effects with multi colored lenses. Tiny planet also looks super fun.

Caleb Pike’s 7 Tips on Shooting for the Edit

I have personally run into issues where not having enough footage made my life incredibly difficult. After watching and learning from the video series Directing Motion I’ve learned some basic principals that help in everyday shooting situations. We tend to think of a shot and shoot it then move on instead of getting the wide, […]

How do you feel about the new Canon 5DS / 5DSR

To be honest I was expecting much more from Canon, but it still looks like an interesting camera. Maybe they don’t want to complete against their pro video line as there was no inclusion of 4k abilities or any other interesting video capability. With the 50 megapixel sensor they look have increased the dynamic range […]