50 poses in 30 seconds

Coco Rocha always blows me away. I absolutely love this women and the characters that she can create. Hope you enjoy the above video as much as I did.

Best editing sound track ever!

If you have every been at a loss looking for the best music to fill your ears while taking on a daunting task. Look no further as this soundtrack will let your subconscious float through space while your menial body works diligently for you. It’s been a while since I’ve listen to a soundtrack and thought the nearly every song was well placed and refined to a delicate cohesion. Let your ears tingle and listen to this soundtrack now!

Why We Lie to Everyone

Facebook is probably the most depressing place on earth if you look at it too much. Peoples lives are good, but sometimes we like to make it too good to be true. In this case fake it till you make it really doesn’t work.

Chef Tony Giesbrecht – Top Chef Canada

A small bio on Chef Tony Giesbrecht during his time at Select Restaurant. We created the video for his entry to top chef Canada which he made it to the final selection round. Assistant was Mark Glass who is a magnificent human being for being able to shoot the behind the scenes and help with setup and adjustment of equipment also poking holes in anything that didn’t seem like it would function. This was a fun experience in create a short movie and seeing the ideas come to light. We used the light present in the kitchen which wasn’t terrible, but had its limitations even though in post we had to do a fair bit of color correction to get everything to look right.

Cinemagraph – Trail and Errors – 6 simple steps

Trying to understand Cinemagraphs in the beginning didn’t make any sense at all at least from the terrible list of instructions online. Some of the tutorials are so poorly written that you completely confuse yourself or they are so long its annoying. So I decided to make my super simple tutorial in 6 steps


1. create video in mpeg4
2. import video to photoshop via – File >import >Video Frames to Layers…
Now you have many frames and a video
3. Select the frame you would like to have as the still
4. duplicated that layer and move it to the top of the layer stack
5. create a mask on that layer
6. with black brush draw in what you would like in motion
7. save for web as gif (this should just be an obvious step that’s why I didn’t list it.)

After creating the gif it was super difficult to store it online with making the quality suffer so I found a site called gfycat using reddit. Super simple and easy to use also makes the gifs load really quick.

Fuji x100s a little dream

x100s landscape

X100s has been an amazing little package!

You can take it any where and no one will notice that you even have it on you. The shutter is so quite you almost miss the big mess of the giant shake of a full frame.

With so little to see and take in at this time I’ve resorted to take landscapes of the city in order jog the creative machine. It might take some time to get out and actually see the world again so lets just play.

The style of Berthold Jean-Charles – Fashion Short

A short fashion video shot in New York City during fashion week. Was edited with after effects and color corrected to black and white.

Post-Production: Vicky S. Mittal
Videography: Nicholas Nichols

Now for a Charles Bradley GIF

Charles Bradley GIF

Pictures of the City that is in the New Apple Commercial – Misunderstood


Contact for prints

Thought I would add my own post for an image that I had created just before the snow encased our city with white. The latest Apple Commercial actually features Edmonton the city I live in and has been to no surprise the top talk of the town.