Edmonton Advertising Photographer, Film Maker, Video Editor, Commercial Art Director, Game Capture Artist

Vicky Mittal is a highly trained and educated Edmonton photographer. He was trained under Joey Lawrence in New York. Vicky also assisted various other photographers at 1 Ton Studios in New York and French Photographer Nicolas Bets. Vicky has also found a taste for art. He currently runs MINBID One Art Gallery in Edmonton, along with art work featured in Latitude 53 in Vancouver and Calgary.

He found influence from Bill Cunningham, the street photographer, and David Fincher, the movie director, and influenced by 80’s movies. Through these influences, Vicky strives to use existing technologies mixed with new to create and build artwork. He wants to strike emotions in his audience and make them feel the world has something new and unique to give to them.

Vicky uses a mixture of photography, film, and augmented reality, along with various materials to enhance the project. Using aluminum and polycarbonate materials adds another layer of depth and substance that brings art to life. He wants to create emotional pieces that make people think about art and find a deeper dimension in them. He wants to make the audience question themselves when they look at his work. He wants to create curiosity both internally and in life, with the pieces bringing multiple emotions to the viewer. He wants to create intrigue, astonishment, and excitement all at the same time with one look.