Black and white images a new With Photoshop

With a few hundred tweaks with photoshop you too can make an amazing colourized image in photoshop. Look way down and you will see a "tutorial" of what Mads Madsen did to achieve this spectacular effect.

Firewall #interactive Fabric #inspiration

I've been obsessed lately over interactive projection displays and this is another video to feed it. The Firewall is an interactive projection display created by Aaron Sherwood and Mike Alison which will show case a dance performance in the near future.

Kurv Magazine Spring Shoot #photogaphy #inspiration

A lot to learn from this short video with Kurv Magazine photographer Melissa Robwell. She has a certain way of articulating her actions which allow her models to translate it to beautiful inspiring poses. Via |…

Projection Mapping on a Human Face

Some of the coolest ideas in projection mapping come from these amazing experimental projects 2 video projectors, 1 for the actor, the 2nd for the background.

One Eyed Photographer and the Perspective from His World #Inspiration #Photography

A terrifying thing to happen to one person, but a beautiful perspective on a photographers journey. He is pretty funny and light hearted about the situation and also an awesome photographer.

Eva Longoria GQ Mexico

Eva Longoria takes the cover and spread in GQ Mexico’s December 2012 issue. by Photographer Randall Slavin

Bullet Time 3D Light Painting with 24 cameras #photography #inspiration #lightpainting

This is a project done by 24×360, Patrick Rochon, Timecode Lab, and Eric Paré. An amazing collaboration and creative they used 24 cameras to produce such epic shots. One day I will have the budget to create something like this...maybe even with a full size buddy Jesus

3D Buddy Jesus – with Darren Bolz #photography

Triggering 2 cameras with one trigger on Sunday we were able to create a 3D image with a little photoshop magic

Fashion Show with Google

#fashion #technology #Inspiration Google performs some magic with a really cool idea simply using a projector and some Google images searches.

Loewe + The Sartorialist

A tid bit of insight from a very successful fashion street photographer.