The style of Berthold Jean-Charles Fashion Short

The style of Berthold Jean-Charles – Fashion Short

A short fashion video shot in New York City during fashion week. Was edited with after effects and color corrected to black and white. Post-Production: Vicky S. Mittal Videography: Nicholas Nichols

Pictures of the City that is in the New Apple Commercial – Misunderstood

Contact for prints Thought I would add my own post for an image that I had created just before the snow encased our city with white. The latest Apple Commercial actually features Edmonton the city I live in and has been to no surprise the top…

How to Improve Your Video Using Dollies and Sliders

The use of DSLR cameras to shoot video has risen to an all-time high with both amateur and professional filmmakers choosing DSLR cameras over regular video cameras and now through the use of DSLR compatible equipment and accessories filmmakers…

Mugshots from the 1920’s a lost art of #photography

These look composed and almost an art where the scene mattered as much as the subject to actually capture what the person was about. There isn't much information about how these were created or any other specifics. See More here

Composite Photography – Multiple Personalities in One Image

Model: Sachin Rathee 1 hour of shooting and 1 hour of editing. We decided to create a single image by going out to the university and shooting in the Medical student rec room. Sachin isn't able to spend too much time away from his studies…
guy-who-photographs-apple peter balanger

The Guy Who #Photographs Apple Products

Ever wonder how they make all of the beautiful images for Apple Products. Well this guy Peter Belanger is behind many of the images that you see. Through out the video you will have an incite of what his work flow might look like on a…

How To Get The Film Look With #Canon #DSLR Video

How to get the Film look in Adobe Premiere CS6. With color correction and the Canon 5D Mark II or Mark III

Foreign Commercial Gives New Meaning to Mens Hair @Dove

Dove commercials in foreign countries are so much better the American versions.