3 Tricks for your Impossibly Small Film Crew @vimeo

When you have no money and no people to help you with all of the things that need to be done it can be pretty hard to get things done. Vimeo has been putting together a fairly nice collection of tutorials that look easy enough to follow…

‘Street Style’ #Fashion #Photography Explosion

Is there a street style fashion photography explosion? Well the short documentary "Take My Picture" tries to explore the various opinions on the idea. Also you see how it has exploded into almost a ridiculous farce of the idea or it was just the way that they filmed it.

Double Rainbow and a Sunnier Day Tomorrow… We Hope

It really isn't so much of a double rainbow as it is the 2 complete ends of one. Maybe there is a pot of gold on either of those ends. It takes time and patients to find that pot of gold and some times it just comes out of the blue. The image above was from our amazing and exhausting trip to Calgary where we had to shoot 2 models in various looks. The shoot went amazingly well and the pictures will be up soon.