Composite Photography – Multiple Personalities in One Image


Model: Sachin Rathee

1 hour of shooting and 1 hour of editing.

We decided to create a single image by going out to the university and shooting in the Medical student rec room. Sachin isn’t able to spend too much time away from his studies so we decided to depict him slacking off at everything all at once just to show he sort of gets out when himself.

The process was fairly simple and the setup was as well by using a single tripod, fixed focal length lens and speedlight. Like most of my tripod or studio images I like to have a tethered setup and a long cable. Each image was fairly simple to capture once the settings were good I set the Canon 5D Mark III to f5.6 at 1/100 and the speedlight was set to 1/4 power and zoomed in halfway when the face was not visible.

Editing was done by taking the base image that had the best light setting and layering the other images on top. Each image was first masked white and the mask was colored over in black on the area that I wanted for the final image. Once the area was colored in I would invert the mask revealing the base image. At the end we applied some curves and the image was complete in 1 hour.

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