Photographer, Videographer & Multifaceted Creative

By using my 15 years of experience in Communication, Advertising and Design I attempt to make the transition from an individual reality to a shared experience.


My passion is for creating striking images that provoke a reaction and linger in the memory. The images I post to this website are an illustration of the constant evolution of my interests and abilities. Fashion and beauty photography are most captivating when they tell a story, and I try to weave stories into my pictures. In creating my images I strive to utilize lighting to allow the subjects to speak for themselves, and do as little photo editing as necessary.


I do my best to make products speak to a viewer, conveying the feeling pictured and the attractiveness of the object. The best way to advertise objects is to suggest they are part of a highly desirable lifestyle. Beautiful images suggesting luxury, excitement and joy and showing all the attributes of the product will inspire desire in the viewer.


I travel as much as possible to refresh my ideas and recharge my creative juices. Places I visit inspire me in many ways. We are all meant to adventure and seek out excitement in our limited lifespan. My philosophy is “you must try everything at least once”.


After creating our first content in augmented reality we knew it was going to be amazing. Bringing the digital to the real world has brought smiles, excitement and wow to what we create.

Commercial Video Production

We have worked on and are creating TV and theater commercials, training and instructional videos and augmented reality concept productions. Our latest venture will be 360 virtual reality videos using a custom built 3D rig which will be coming soon

Training and Assisting

Work has been shown in over 15 gallery art shows across Western Canada.

Assisted Nicolas Bets for Tantalum Magazine in New York

Assisted and trained with Joey Lawrence in New York

Editor training The Cutting Edge Adam Epstein (SNL Editor)


Self trained in:

Adobe Aftereffects

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Photoshop

Dream weaver

Final Cut pro