How location can change the way you shoot

Having a great location not only makes the image look better, it also fuels creativity in a shoot. It can create obstacles that make the photographer think more. The more you are challenged to step outside of the normal photo shoot routines and rituals, the more enhanced your niche can become. Search for more unconventional locations to shoot at in your everyday life, be it behind your neighborhood grocery store or in the middle of a crowded train station. When planning for your shoot, connecting the location to the creative direction of your project can add important elements to your image.


Fashion Commercial Photography

Choosing a creative direction of a shoot helps make a clear idea in the viewers mind of what you’re trying to say with an image. Find descriptor words or phrases of the idea you are creating by drawing a word map or brainstorming. By doing this you can stay focused and have more ideas to work with creating a cohesive collection of images. Make sure that every element in your shoot has a purpose or adds to the image. Be selective and remove any thing that is not relevant. Once you feel like you’ve got the images you need keep going. Push yourself to take a few extra photos that were not part of the plan. Think about what “going too far” with your idea would mean and do that. Mess up your models hair, smear the makeup, put them in an odd pose; these images often turn out the most interesting and innovative.

Even with planning and brainstorming, your creative direction can change quickly as a result of outside influences. If you are using natural light in a shoot, the weather can affect your outcome drastically. Just continue shooting and keep in mind nothing is set in stone. Working off script can turn out really well.