How to Use a Ring Light with Mark Wallace

Since picking a Diva Ring Light its been amazing to use and I like it so much that I never want to use anything else ever again... well if it's creative. You can make all of your images go BAM in minutes especially with the smooth and creamy light it gives off all your subjects blemishes disappear.

Adults as their Child Hood Picture

Irina Werning's project Back To The Future is about taking people back to the past and the feelings they had at that moment. Fun and interesting way to differenciate your portraits from everyone else. Lots of fun and fasinating…

1967’s Home of the 21st Century by Walter Cronkite

The sultry Walter Cronkite explains to us the magical home of a 21st century working family.

#iPhone Travel #Photographer

By understanding the Dynamic Range of the iPhone Kevin Russ is able to capture astounding images.

Tyler Shields on Standing out as a Photographer

With interest to what people like and hate Tyler Shields is able to stir up emotion and reactions from the people that view his images.

Behind the Scenes with #Kylie Minogue and #Elle #Photoshoot

The gorgeous Kylie Minogue in a behind the scenes photo shoot for Elle Magazine UK. You can learn a few things from this video and how crazy the light and studio setup they have. I've always loved Kylie, she is so gorgeous and this shoot just makes her look that much better. You can see some of the subtle trends that are coming for this spring if you have been following the pinterest board.

Black and white images a new With Photoshop

With a few hundred tweaks with photoshop you too can make an amazing colourized image in photoshop. Look way down and you will see a "tutorial" of what Mads Madsen did to achieve this spectacular effect.

Firewall #interactive Fabric #inspiration

I've been obsessed lately over interactive projection displays and this is another video to feed it. The Firewall is an interactive projection display created by Aaron Sherwood and Mike Alison which will show case a dance performance in the near future.

Kurv Magazine Spring Shoot #photogaphy #inspiration

A lot to learn from this short video with Kurv Magazine photographer Melissa Robwell. She has a certain way of articulating her actions which allow her models to translate it to beautiful inspiring poses. Via |…

Projection Mapping on a Human Face

Some of the coolest ideas in projection mapping come from these amazing experimental projects 2 video projectors, 1 for the actor, the 2nd for the background.